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Northampton County Republican Committee

Chairman: Craig DeFranco
Vice Chair: Lee Snover
Secretary: June Vail
Treasurer: Joe Moyer

NCRC Annual Charlie Roberts Picnic Postponed!!! -- Biennial Reorganization Meeting June 9 -- Campaign 2016 is Underway -- Your Voice and Vote Counts! Join us! - Support our Troops - Donate

The mission of the Northampton County Republican Committee is to consistently work toward good government for all by:
* promoting the principles of the Republican Party,
* encouraging communication with and active participation of voters in the promotion of good government and elections,
* and encouraging, training, and helping to elect Republican candidates seeking office.

Annual Charlie Roberts Picnic Postponed!!!


I am sorry to announce that the NCRC summer picnic originally scheduled for next Saturday, June 4, 2016, needs to be postponed.

Several events and meetings scheduled by the PAGOP requires our leadership to attend in Harrisburg that weekend.

We will keep you posted when the picnic will be re-scheduled and will also post the new date on our website.

Anyone who has already paid may request a refund by contacting our Treasurer, Joe Moyer, at the email address below:

I apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you all at our rescheduled event. Thank you for all you do and for your understanding in the matter.


Craig L. DeFranco
Chairman, NCRC

Full Committee Meeting June 9

The results of the April 26 primary have been certified. Accordingly, Chairman Craig DeFranco has called a full NCRC committee meeting of all elected county committee members for Thursday June 9.

Under the provisions of the By-laws of the Northampton County Republican Committee, Article III, Section 1, and Article IV, Section 1(a), I (Craig DeFranco) hereby call the biennial reorganization meeting for the full committee to be held on Thursday, June 9, 2016, at the Chrin Center, 4100 Green Pond Road, Palmer Township 18045, at 7:00 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the next two years. Please plan on arriving between 6:15 and 6:50 PM for registration. The meeting must start at 7:00 PM due to facility rules. Because of the time constraints, no other committee business will be transacted.

We will also be holding Political Area Reorganizations (per Article IV, Section b). Each Political Area will then elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman to oversee political activity in the municipalities. Easton (Area 1) and Bethlehem (Area 2) will hold a separate meeting within 30 days for that purpose.

Please watch your mail for the official letter and required proxies if you cannot attend the meeting.

Campaign 2016 is Underway

Over the next several months we need to pull together and work for our candidates. The upcoming general election is for the "heart and soul" of the country and state. Obviously winning the White House is paramount. We need to retain our US Senate seat, the 15th Congressional District seat, and win the 17th Congressional district seat. Allowing these seats to go to the Democrats will drive our country deeper into socialism.

We need to retain State House seats in the 131st, 137th,138th, 183rd legislative districts and regain the state row offices of Attorney General, State Treasurer, and Auditor General.

Keeping a Republican majority at the federal and state levels is vitally important to containing and reversing the slide to socialism in our country. The criticality of 2016 demands on all us to make even a stronger commitment than we had in prior years.

Campaign 2016 is now updated on our Events page. Please check it frequently for additions and changes.

Keeping our taxes in check, limiting the growth of government, electing ethical and responsible people, and protecting our rights as individuals at the federal and state level is extremely important!

That is why we need your renewed and continued support as volunteers and your donations to be successful and maintain good government. Please consider showing your support now.

Support our efforts to elect Republican candidates and inform the voters!

The NCRC is a 'grassroots' volunteer driven organization. We rely on and are thankful for the volunteer efforts of many people. Please use the Contribute link on this page to make a your secure donation. The committee and all its functions are supported by your generous contributions. Your support with a donation will provide us with the much needed funding to support our activities and the victory of Republican candidates.

Special Message to You

Please join us! We are always seeking dedicated volunteers to help. Please use the Participate link on this page or call 610-438-3319 to volunteer today!

Support our Troops!
Our soldiers and sailors are scattered across the world away from their families. Please consider buying phone cards. The Department of Defense Military Exchanges have been authorized to sell the prepaid calling cards to individuals and organizations who wish to purchase these cards for our troops serving overseas in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Please use this Military Exchange link for more information on how you can help.

We thank you for your support of our troops!

Our Address, Hours and Location

Our mailing address is:
Northampton County Republican Committee
601 Stones Crossing Rd
Easton, PA 18045

Hours: Monday thru Thursday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Link to Map of Our location

Comments on the website? Send us an email.


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601 Stones Crossing Road,| Easton, PA 18045
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