Update on Political Events in April 2024

by admin

The 2024 Republican Primary Campaign continues into April with political and candidate fund raiser events:
Political Meetings and Voting Schedule

▪ April 8 Last day to register to vote in the primary!!!

▪ April 9 Slate Belt Republican Association Meeting

▪ April 16 Last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot to Voter Registration!!!

▪ April 23 Primary Election Day
Candidate Events

▪ April 3 Luncheon in Support of Dave McCormick

▪ April 3 Fundraiser for Ann Flood

▪ April 3 Reception Benefiting Zach Mako

▪ April 5 Private Reception with Vivek Ramaswamy Supporting Maria Montero

▪ April 14 Zach Halkias Fund Raising Event

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