About Our Committee

by admin

We are a group of volunteers who are committed to making life better in our county through good governance. That starts with getting candidates elected to public office who are committed to Republican principles.

The Republican party is made up of committees for each layer of government; National, State and County. The Northampton County Committee is your most local party governance body, assuming you live in our county. Within the county we have voter precincts as defined by the County Election Commission. Each precinct can have 2 people from each of the two major parties (called committee people) who represent their party and communicate with their party’s registered voters.

The Republican precinct committee people make up the County Committee. Their job is to communicate with the voters, bring feedback to County leaders, and to get voters in their precincts to vote in each election.

Additionally, committee people elect county party leadership and vote on county party policies.

We are your friends and neighbors who take part in the political process in order to improve the lives of all.