Happy New Year To All

by admin

This coming election year is crucial for the direction and future of our country, state, and county. In this coming year we will be electing:

▪ President and Vice President of the United States

▪ US Senator for Pennsylvania

▪ Representative in Congress 7th Congressional District

▪ Members of the PA House of Representatives for the 131st, 135th, 136th, 137th, 138th and 183rd legislative districts

▪ PA Attorney General

▪ PA Auditor General

▪ PA Treasurer

▪ 2 Committee Members for each of the 154 voting districts in Northampton County (April 23 primary)
Beginning in January and for 3 weeks into February, you will have the opportunity to circulate nomination petitions for the candidates you feel will be best for the future of our country, state and county committee. Please think about and plan on being engaged in this upcoming election process.

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